Using Resident Families to Sell Your Facilities

Apr 7, 2015

You never get a second chance at a first impression and the biggest chance you get to make one is through a facility tour.

As the first step in future residents and their families joining your community these tours introduce them to your own brand of senior care culture and family. While staff can be great tour guides, why not take it one step further and ask a resident family member to participate in the tour.

They can offer an outside perspective about the quality of care, and share their own experiences on everything from move in to the adjustment process, food, activities, and more.

Your residents' families make the best advocates for your facility. They know the quality of care their loved one is receiving and this is their opportunity to share their expertise with others.

Prospective families are more likely to be receptive to information if it is shared by a volunteer resident family member instad of a paid staff member. It's more authentic and bonds can be quickly established between residents and other family members.

Of course, having a staff member to assist in the tour is always a great idea, but the staff member should hang back and let the volunteer take the lead. They are only there for support and more complex questions that are bound to come up.

Encourage your volunteers to use stories during the tour rather than just pointing out where everything is located and incorporating a resident guide into the tour, after all they're the ultimate expert on what it's like to live in your facility.

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