Top 5 Things Administrators Are Good At

Jul 23, 2014

1.Connecting with residents

A good administrator connects with residents beyond the perfunctory greetings on a daily basis. While time may be tight, knowing your residents is extremely important to ensure that correct care is given.

2.Setting high standards

High standards is a bit of a misnomer, isn’t it? Standards should always be high and a good administrator implements each and every one. They also work with their team to keep pushing for standards to remain high making attaining excellence in care more achievable.

3.Leading by example

When you lead by example, staff are inspired to follow. Good administrators collaborate with their staff, take breaks when needed and tackle challenges head on with positivity.

4.Protecting his or her team

This industry suffers from harsh critics and administrators often have to stand at the forefront and deal with negative comments thrown their way. A great admin protects their team. That doesn’t mean covering up an incident or not apologizing if an error is made. Instead, administrators represent their team honestly and openly.


A good admin definitely knows how to multi-task. There can be so many different directions you can be pulled in, that it can be hard to get things done. The ability to multi-task is a powerful skill. Oftentimes, people think that tasks should be taken in order, one at a time. But one problem you are dealing with may spark a solution to another and so on.

So pat yourself on the back today. Because you are a good administrator.

What else are excellent characteristics of a good administrator?

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