The Power of Stories

Sep 8, 2015

Today was one of those days where story swapping occurred. We all took a break and ended up learning a bit more about each other and then went back to work feeling more energized.

Stories are a powerful thing. They can motivate and inspire but most of all, they provide insight into the storyteller.

Hearing stories are a great way to learn more about your residents. As well, it helps connect your residents to the past and hopefully encourage good memories.

Why not consider having a story project?

Pick a topic such as music and have your residents share a story from their past that relates. Transcribe these stories and put them in a little booklet for everyone to enjoy.

Residents will love seeing their stories included as well as reading the tales from their fellow residents.

This booklet of stories can be used as a tool to help residents with cognitive issues to remember.

Also, it’s not just residents who should share their stories; staff should as well. It will bring your staff and residents closer as everyone learns a bit more about each other.

Fond memories always bring a smile to our face. So keep the stories flowing.

Have fun storytelling!

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