Santa Maria seniors' home director responds after abuse allegations

Dec 15, 2014

On Friday, CBC learned multiple employees at the Santa Maria Senior Citizens Home were suspended over allegedly assaulting and neglecting a resident. On Saturday, the home's executive director gave an interview about the allegations.

 Santa Maria care home's Executive Director John Kelly said he cannot say much about the alleged abuse, because it's under investigation by Regina Police and another external investigator.

A resident's family members took their concerns and a video allegedly depicting patient abuse to the patient representative office at the ReginaQu'Appelle health region, which then informed Kelly on Thursday.

"We immediately checked if the individual involved or individuals involved were working. We immediately suspended those individuals and went forward from there," Kelly said.

Kelly saw the video late Friday afternoon. He said he is unable to confirm what the video shows, because it has also been forwarded to the police.

"I think... anyone associated with Santa Maria would be devastated by the allegations," Kelly said. "All families and residents of Santa Maria are in the process of being informed."


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