Radville’s new long-term care centre opens at capacity

Mar 9, 2015

RADVILLE, Sask. – Six years after the province announced it was replacing 13 long-term care centres in the Saskatchewan, a new facility in Radville held its grand opening.

The $22-million long-term care centre was built with an attached medical centre.

“It’s been on the agenda for the last 20 years that our facility needed to be updated or replaced,” said Murray Hlavka, board chair of the Radville Marian Health Centre.

Since opening its doors in July, all of the 25 long-term care beds have been occupied. The old facility had 49 beds.

“At the present time, no it’s not big enough,” said Hlavka. “But with demographics, who’s to say in two years it might be the right number.”

When planning for the building, Health Minister Dustin Duncan said combining the medical clinic with the long-term care facility was a priority.

“To have the physician here right at the same facility will just makes it more of a streamline operation in terms of health care,” said Duncan.

So far, positive reviews are being heard from both the residents and the health care workers.

“We’re not institutionalized as much. We’re much more a home. It looks like a home. It feels like a home,” said Erin Fillion, a registered nurse at the facility.

“The other place I was at only had one plug-in in the whole room. I had extension cords all over the place,” said resident Bill Calibaba, who celebrated his 84th birthday this week. “This is perfect.”

The provincial government funded 80 per cent of the new facility, while the remainder was fundraised and donated by residents from Radville and surrounding communities.


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