Q: As a Basis For Providing Care, Are Mandatory Minimum Guidelines Beneficial?

Mar 8, 2016

For the 2nd Quarter of Senior Care Canada, we have posed a question to you, our readers.

Q: As a basis for providing care, are mandatory minimum guidelines beneficial?

We want to create a dialogue about this issue so we want to hear from you! 

Do mandatory minimum guidelines work? 

If let's say, the guideline states that each resident gets two or three baths a week but you can only give them one because of lack of staff or time, is that guideline useful?

Does it mean that residents will only get the minimums?

Or is it a good tool for determining what needs to be accomplished in a week?

And what about patient to staff ratios? What should those be?

We want to hear your thoughts!

So respond in the comments section below or tweet us @seniorcaremag

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