PSWs in Sudbury call for contract, 4 hours' care

Aug 3, 2014

A dozen or so personal support workers and health care aides staged an information picket Wednesday afternoon in front of Finlandia Hoivakoti Nursing Home to press their case for a minimum standard of four hours' care per day per resident and a wage increase for themselves.The health care workers are among 225 health care workers who make up the Finlandia unit of Mine Mill Local 598/Uniform.

The information picket was scheduled weeks ago, long before what Finlandia management and the union are calling a tragic accident occurred at the nursing home Friday.

Unit chair Merv Zacher said the union considered cancelling the information picket after an elderly female resident died Monday, three days after she and another elderly resident were involved in what Finlandia chief executive officer David Munch called a minor disagreement.

That tiff resulted in the woman falling and hitting her head against a wall. The woman was hospitalized for days before dying of her injuries.


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