Nova Scotia long-term care facilities face furniture budget cut

Apr 30, 2015

Long-term care facilities will have less money to buy furniture and appliances following this month's provincial budget, which slashed the procurement allocation for such purchases in half.

Health Minister Leo Glavine says, however, that group procurement will help offset the $3.5 million cut.

"By having a number of homes procure the same item that they would all require. This leads ... to cost reductions," Glavine said.

But former NDP health minister Maureen MacDonald disagrees.

"You know you can't take money out of a long-term care facility and not have an impact," she said.

MacDonald worries most long-term care facilities will not receive a cost of living increase. Only 40 of the province's 143 nursing homes will get extra funding to cover inflation.

The overall budget long-term care is increasing by $7 million, but that will be eaten up by pay increases and operating budgets have been frozen.

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