NDP promises 2,000 more long-term care beds

Apr 15, 2015

For nine months, dementia patient Clarence Travis has occupied a bed at the University of Alberta Hospital.

For nine months, his wife, Bernie, has been looking for a long-term care bed for him.

"There's no room; they're full," she told reporters at her home in west Edmonton on Tuesday.

"My husband built buildings; he built hospitals; he's built long term-care facilities and nursing homes. And today, we have no access to it for him.

"When it's his time to use it, it's not there. The doors are closed."

NDP Leader Rachel Notley said Travis is one of 1,200 Albertans waiting in line for long-term care beds. She said that's why she promises to open 2,000 long-term care beds over the next four years, beginning with 500 this year alone.

Notley said her government would also commission a review aimed at improving the standard of care and acceptable staffing levels at long-term care homes in Alberta.

"In Alberta, we spend 20 per cent below the national average on long-term care," Notley said. "That's costing us now. (Seniors) fall through the cracks and end up staying in the most expensive places for care."


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