Long term care workers demand mandatory staff-to-patient ratios

Nov 21, 2014

Health care workers in long-term care homes are pushing the province to set mandatory staffing levels.

The Ontario Council of Hospital Unions says 91 per cent of workers it surveyed feel they can't provide quality care because they have too many residents to care for.

The council conducted focus groups with some of the registered practical nurses and personal support workers it represents around the province.

Workers reported what they considered to be dangerously high resident-to-staff ratios in long-term care homes. Some personal support workers said, at times, they are left to care for up to 42 residents, while nurses said they are sometimes responsible for between 30 and 42 residents.

"Anyone that has children in daycare, the [Day] Nurseries Act provides actual ratios. We are looking at the same kind of ratios," said Kevin Tyrrell, a regional vice-president with the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions.


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