Developing Success Stories

Mar 16, 2015

1. Keep track of those special moments.

Success stories are important for your facility. They can be used in marketing materials like your website or shared in your annual report. They can be shared with family members and potential residents. Success stories are your way of showcasing the very best of what you have to offer.

In order to develop a collection of success stories, you must first keep track of those special moments. Encourage the staff to share any special moments either verbally or on paper. Ask your residents to share what makes them happy about living at your facility. Document special events, even if it's only jotting down a sentence or two about what occurred. And keep these all in a file on your computer for editing.

2. Develop a narrative

A good success story has a great narrative. First, you have to decide which stories work best. Read them over and determine if you can develop a strong narrative from what you've been given. Pick a story that will tug at the heartstrings and make someone smile.

Now it's time to expand your story. Success stories don't have to be long but a couple paragraphs is ideal. Focus on the details. What was happening at the event? Who was involved? What was the mood? Pull these details together to write a story of the events that occurred.

For example, 'Daisy turned 100 and celebrated with the staff, saying how much she loved it here'

This could be turned into a longer narrative; such as:

Excitement filled the air as staff and residents waited with bated breath for Daisy to blow out the candles on her cake. A loud cheer went up as she got them all in one go. Smiling broadly, she accepted the enthusiastic applause. When the noise died down, she turned to our director of care and exclaimed "I just love it here!"

3. Select accompanying photos

Photos are a great way to capture the event and add another layer to your success story. So while you are jotting down success story ideas, don't forget to snap a few pics!

4. Share with the world!

That's all it takes to create a great success story. Of course, sharing is the most important part. Add success stories to your annual report, put them on your website, include them in your brochure and more. Don't forget to share them with staff, families and residents as well, they're the biggest promoters of what goes on inside your walls.

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