3 Things Your Facility Lobby Needs

Dec 1, 2014

The image you want to project of your care facility is one of comfort and warmth. You want to be able to put your residents and their families at ease and welcome all those who walk through your doors.

So what does your facility lobby need?

Cozy Chairs

A sitting area in the lobby is a great way for residents to sit and see the comings and goings throughout the day. It’s also a great meeting spot for friends and family and helps to convey a familial atmosphere to potential residents.

The key word here is cozy. Uncomfortable chairs don’t encourage people to sit and relax.

Look for furniture that complements your facility design. Also make sure there is enough seating. Depending on the size of your building, there may not be space for a lot of chairs and couches but ensuring that there’s space for more than one or two residents will lend to that cozy feeling.

A warm, inviting lobby is a great marketing tool for attracting future residents.

A Welcoming Reception Desk

Your reception desk is extremely important. It’s the first point of contact for families, friends and potential residents so make it welcoming.

A plain desk doesn't do much to inspire. Instead add some flowers to brighten up the space. Make sure that the activity calendar is printed and available and ensure that any brochures or other marketing material are well stocked.

And of course, the most important thing you should have is a friendly face. A smile goes a long way to making a good first impression.

Signage and Pictures

Clear signage is necessary in your lobby, if only to showcase what your facility has to offer.

You may know where the dining room is, but having it clearly laid out can ease concerns of a potential resident. After all, it’s hard to move into a facility where you don’t know your way around.

Good signage also saves time for the reception staff. Rather than having to answer over and over where things are, they can focus on more important things.

Pictures are a great addition. Do you have a community bulletin board? Share photos of recent events and your residents having fun. Highlight a staff member with a photo and a story so that family and friends can get to know them better. These things help showcase your facility and what it has to offer.

What makes your facility lobby stand out?

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