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Workplace Wellness

Jun 13, 2016

In this issue of Senior Care Canada, we have an article about staff self-care at Veterans Memorial Lodge in Victoria, BC. They created a workshop that gave staff the opportunity to look at ways they can take care of themselves.

Workplace wellness is extremely important and often overlooked.

We are very fortunate here at the Senior Care Canada offices because we are participating in office yoga throughout the summer. It definitely starts the day off right!

But let's be honest, there might not be time at your facility for an initiative like this. There might not be time at all for workplace wellness. I know it can get very busy but let me advocate for why workplace wellness is important, even in small increments.

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Jun 13, 2016

Creating an Effective Annual Report

Most people don't realize that your annual report is very effective communication tool AND a great soft sell donation tool.

Often, annual reports are bogged down by too many details and too much information. So what should you take out and what should you keep in?

Firstly, focus on your accomplishments. It's not just about a description of the activities that happened in your facility but what you accomplished from them. Did you start a new program for your residents? Don't simply describe the program; go into detail about the results of this program and how it impacted your residents. You do good work every day and this needs to be showcased.

Mar 22, 2016

The Science of a Smile

A smile can go a long way, can't it?

Have you ever felt a little down until a co-worker or friend gave you a smile? It can perk you right up and now there's scientific evidence to prove that there's something to it.

According to a study by psychologists from the University of Wisconsin, people in social situations often simulate others' facial expressions to create emotional responses in themselves.

So a smile (or a frown) can definitely be contagious.

Dec 16, 2015

Best Practices for Social Media

Social media like Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to connect with your residents' families and the community at large. So how can you be effective with this tool?

Here are a few best practices.

1. Don't Overcommit

Don't have time for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and more?

Then don't attempt to use all of them. Pick your one main social media tool and if you want to use the others sporadically (like the occasional Youtube video) then go for it.

2. Set Expectations

This ties into the first point. Don't post on Facebook everyday if that's something you can't sustain. Instead, determine how much time you have and post accordingly. Even if you just post once a week, people will come to expect that post every week.

Third Quarter 2016 In this issue

Jun 1, 2016

Memories Unlocked

Mandalas are circular religious and spiritual symbols, which can function as important depictions of cosmology, experiences of the divine, or metaphysical understandings of the self.

Mandalas in Hinduism and Buddhism can represent world and foundational mythologies, whereas the mandalas of Hildegard von Bingen, a Benedictine mystic, were painted depictions of her sacred visions.

Even Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, found use of the mandalas helpful in his own practice, understanding them to be “the psychological depiction of the totality of the self.”1 Mandalas can also be powerful and potent storytellers, which share individual and collective narratives to present and future generations.

Jun 1, 2016

Putting self-care into practice

It’s late May and I’m sitting in my office, down the hall Wednesday morning yoga is happening for staff that wants to take part. Another co-worker just popped their head around my door to see if I’m joining in, “not today!” I reply, “I forgot my workout clothes.”

Another co-worker has just texted me wondering if there are any orders for iced coffee this morning. She’s picking up a box of goodies on her way into the office and going to be a few minutes late: “fine by me you’re bringing treats!” I text back.

We’ve started into our summer hours schedule just this week, which means we all chop an hour off the end of our Monday to Thursday work days and Friday we work a half day; an extra nice perk when it comes to long weekends.

Jun 1, 2016

Caring from Within

Most of the 225 residents at Veterans Memorial Lodge at Broadmead (part of Broadmead Care Society) in Victoria BC have dementia, physical impairments, and are in the last year of their lives. Their care requires remarkable resilience, compassion, and physical energy.

The workload is heavy. The people who provide most of the direct care and support are health care aides, housekeepers, activity, food service and laundry workers -- people whose work is vital, but who sometimes do not feel recognized or highly valued in Canadian long-term care facilities.

Recently, an innovative educational workshop for those staff members was envisioned by Broadmead Care Society’s Director of Clinical Programs (Care) Jim Oldnall and strongly supported by the CEO, Dave Cheperdak.